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JTAG and Chip-Off for Mobile Forensics

Walla Walla, Wa.

Hosted by Teel Technologies, the combined Chip-off and JTAG Class provides students with an intensive 8 days of education into both techniques for acquiring data from memory of mobile devices. The course offers students a complete hands-on experience, with plenty of practice dismantling devices, soldering for JTAG acquisitions, and removing chips from boards for reading. A variety of JTAG techniques and means of connections are covered, as well as a diverse collection of chips are removed from devices.



Students take home devices they’ve worked on in class for continued practice. Additionally, students receive a Riff Box, Box of Molex Adapters, and Riff Board for soldering. Also, temporary license to UFED PA is provided.



($362 savings)

TEELtech Riff Kit

Chip-off for Forensics Highlights:


  • Understanding Chip-off and why used.

  • Memory and trends: TSOP, BGA, eMMC, eMCP

  • Fundamentals of chip removal

  • Chip-reading options and equipment

  • Removing chips from a variety of devices

  • Performing reads with a adapter options

  • Data Carving using commercial tools and manual techniques.


JTAG for Forensics Highlights:


  • Understanding JTAG – Which phones is JTAG most useful to exploit

  • Tearing phones down properly and rebuilding

  • Soldering

  • Test Access Points Connections / Molex Connections

  • Using RIFF Box for JTAG Acquisitions

  • Android devices with pattern locks. Windows 8 phones covered

  • Applying scripts to recover pattern locks

  • HashCat Exercise

  • UFED and other tools for analysis

  • Probing TAPs

  • Identifying and connecting to the Test access ports


Walla Walla PD

54 East Moore Str.

Walla Walla, WA, 99362


This is a 2 week combined class.


Week One: Jan 5th to 8th, 2016

Week Two: Jan 11th to 14th, 2016



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FREE! Course Includes:


  • 1 complimentary TeelTech RIFF Box Kit

  • 1 complimentary JPIN JTAG Molex Flex Kit

  • UFED Physical Analyzer Trial License

  • Magnet Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) Trial License


The TeelTech Riff Kit is comprised of Riff Box, Molex Adapters, Practice Solder Board, TwoIntel Solder Boards, Riff Probe, TeelTech Solder Guide, with associated colored wires, and additional necessary parts.

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2 week Course Cost: $7250.00

*If you would like to take just the JTAG or Chip-off portion of the class, please indicate which upon registration and you will be quoted/invoiced accordingly. 

*This course is Law Enforcement Only

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